The Twentieth Board of Directors meeting of Afghanistan’s Nationwide Pharmacists Association

Jan 7, 11:30 AM

The twentieth Board of Directors meeting of Afghanistan’s Nationwide Pharmacists Association was held under chairmanship of Professor  Aqa Muhammad Zhakfar, the President of the association.

Printing of Identification card, Preparation of proposals were the topics that task was entrusted to the Finance Committee.

As for the cultural commission of the Association, was tasked, editorials for publication in the journal, insertion of the President of ANPA message and NMHRA, landscape and interviews with Pharmacist Abdul Hafiz Quraishi, vice president of the Pharmaceutical Affairs moderator of the Association.

Providing scientific issues in relation to health systems, Clinical Pharmacy, the role of pharmacists in improving patient care, Pharmacoeconomic, ANPA’s activities, and meeting with officials from the Ministry of Higher Education were the other important decisions that task was entrusted to academic and professional and Pharmaceutical Affairs moderator committees.


The next meeting is scheduled to be held this year on January 14, 2017